Think you got what it takes to cover Steel Panther? PROVE IT!

We want you to cover our brand new song “That’s When You Came In” from the new release Live From Lexxi’s Mom’s Garage. Covers of one of the other 4 songs listed below will also be considered, but only a cover of “That’s When You Came In” can win the Grand Prize. Get creative! Lexxi can’t play the songs either so even if it’s bad, if you make us laugh, you’ll get points. Over $2,000 in prizes up for grabs! Get the full details here: Steel Panther Cover Contest on Music Meets Video

As always, it doesn’t matter where or how you make the video. We accept everything from high-quality productions to selfie stick solos! \n//

Coverable Songs

1. “That’s When You Came In”
2. “Gloryhole”
3. “Party Like Tomorrow is The End of The World”
4. “Ten Strikes You’re Out”
5. “Pussywhipped”