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Presenting the FIRST (and likely only) ‘Lower The Bar’ Awards LIVE from YouTube Space LA where we’re giving away whatever awards we want!!

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Best Tits in the Front Row:
WINNER – That Girl

Best Fingerer Of The World:
WINNER – Satchel

Prettiest Girl That We See on Every Tour Without Question…That Comes To Every Show That We Do Regardless of Where It Is: WINNER: Lexxi Foxx

FAN AWARD #1: Oldest Virgin At A Steel Panther Concert
WINNER – Tanner Southworth (Nominated by Joey Southworth who said, “He’s an all around great guy with zero game…and he’s my son so I like messing with him. You’re his #1 band…he loves you guys!”)

Best Female Actress With A Boy’s Haircut That Makes You Want To Have Sex With Her While Simultaneously Making You Question Your Sexual Orientation:
WINNER – (TIE) Natalie Portman (V for Vendetta) & Charlize Theron (Mad Max)

Stinkiest Fart In The World:
WINNER: Michael Starr (for his work in Luxembourg)

Best Photobomb:
WINNER: Stix Zadinia

FAN AWARD #2: For Going Shoulder Deep On Every Girl He’s Ever Been With:
WINNER: Jack Linford (Nominated by Lizzie Willmer who said, “He had an operation when he was born, they took skin from his arm and stitched it onto his dick, so technically he has been shoulder deep, literally, with every girl he’s been with!”)

Best Band That Released An Album on March 24th 2017 That Has A Two Word Name That Has A Metal And Mammal In The Name That Is In This Room And On This Stage:
WINNER – Steel Panther (for LOWER THE BAR)