Do you have what it takes to play Bass for Panther?

By Steel Panther

Do you have what it takes to play Bass for Panther?


  • Still haven’t decided? I know because you haven’t seen me yet. I’m the one you’ve been looking for. I play a mean bass with so much low end that my nuts dangle all the way to my knees. I got more dick n’ fart jokes than Doc McGhee had lawsuits. Open it back up baby!!

    Bustin' Justin on

  • Still seeing bassist slot still open ? 1969 New Jersey born FlA. Raised, and @ 9 mom passed moved to Kansas Now if that don’t sum up what I’m about in the shortest way possible . Puts me up the list just to hear me play . I have a home record well man cave with all instruments I can play all but play all lead the most and key board . Also have your RV . Now Iv been since the 80 to get something going but I couldnt find a single fuck who could play want to try even lost friend for suggestion the cow bell or triangle . So all these year been in this small little town called Oneida ks Goggle it . Youll laugh . But when I jam I had the girl mostly under 14 come down and seem to like what I play . Any way no your busy . Like to play for you and make a video if still open thanks

    CJ Road Rage on

  • I submitted my video but never got a confirmation email that the video was received. How will we know if the videos were received?

    Devastation on

  • I’m where it’s at -no doubting that.

    Dani Starr on

  • are you guys still accepting bass player video auditions? is it too late to send one?

    mario on

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