Do you have what it takes to play Bass for Panther?

By Steel Panther

Do you have what it takes to play Bass for Panther?


  • Tim Gipson!

    Steven A.D. on

  • Hey Motherfuckers!

    This is Woody Long cumin’ atcha Live from Wilmington, NC. I’ve been playing bass for about 39 years. I cut my teeth on Steve Harris, Geddy Lee, and Geezer Butler. I was in the Atlanta, GA Glam scene in the late 80s and early 90s. I’ve played all types of music and I’ve done session work for most genres. Lately, I’ve been writing and recording at my fucking house collaborating with whoever wants to fucking work with me.

    This being said, I have so far uploaded three videos playing y’all’s songs. I plan on putting up one or two more. It’s very treacherous and not organic to play along as the best way to figure out if this will work is to be to come out and jam with you guys for a week.

    I am the one who should get this job. Get me out to wherever I need to be and I’ll show you motherfuckers what a bass player really is and I’ll even show y’all my tits. All I really need is a couple of set lists and a deadline. Then I come out and audition. I’ll get the gig. It’s that simple.

    Woody Long on

  • I don’t have or know how to play bass, but then that never stopped anyone. I’m also fat and old, so I’m ok with taking the broads you don’t want. My 16yo can probably teach me how to hold it coolly (is that a word?). He plays every instrument known.

    Spoo on

  • I like banging chicks and fucking hot moms. Milfs flirt with me at shows all the fucking time. I’m a drummer but I learned bass in like 4 days and I can only get better. I know my roll as a basisst I’ll just be y’all’s fucking wingman but I’m cool with that. Still gonna fuck your mom.

    Gavin on

  • Hi boyz im a really fuckin glam fan and im playin bass for 5 long years,i played in several local band with full make up and i was freak you know playing bass,guitar and drums and im 18 years old!!!
    Influences:Mötley Crüe,Poison,Bon Jovi,Skid Row,Warrant and many others.My favourite bassist is Nikki Sixx

    Mike Wolf on

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