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Welcome to the official Fanthers fanclub! You just signed up for a yearly recurring Fanther Fanclub subcription from Steel Panther. Our club is run by Andrea Jaeckel-Dobschat. If you have questions, she can be reached at questions@fanthers.com. If you have an issue with your order, please email steelpanthermusic@gmail.com or use the contact page on our site.

Here is how the club works.

By purchasing one of our yearly subscription plans you now have access to several sections of this website that others cannot see. These sections will include early information on releases, products, behind the scenes photos and videos, exclusive ticket pre-sales and VIP events as they happen. See the exclusive blog here. Be cool and keep that shit to yourself! We have a very hard working team who have a marketing schedule that will be all jacked up if you share the info you see in the club. In exchange, we promise to work hard to get as much exclusive stuff into your eye and earholes as possible.

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Exclusive information will be posted to the Fanther blog, and especially bitchin info will be emailed to you. Ticket pre-sales will have unique links and passwords so check the blog as tours are announced to get access.

Thank you again for being an official Fanther!

Please email us using the contact form on this site if you have any questions about your recurring orders.


“Who is this girl called Andrea and why is she the manager of the official Steel Panther fan club “Fanthers Worldwide”? 

The answer is quite simple: I want to bring Metal back!

It all started with a fan site for German Steel Panther fans. And since there hasn’t been a German fan site, I have taken on this “job”. My enthusiasm for band fan pages really began in 1998 when I became a fan of the German Comedy Metal band called “J.B.O.“. This J.B.O. fan page, which was published by Carsten Dobschat became my virtual home and I started to take some live photos for the first time. I published my photos on the fan page, wrote concert reviews and took care of the forums as an admin. In all these years I’ve gained experience and a lot of knowledge and material about the band. Carsten and I accompanied  J.B.O. on tour a few times and on 12-07-2011 our official J.B.O. Biography was published as a book. Thanks to a fellow bass player I listened to Steel Panther for the first time in 2009. He sent me the link to the “Community Property” video, I was thrilled by this unbridled humor of the band and bought their current album “Feel The Steel” immediately. Since I’m a fan, I collect everything from Michael, Satchel, Lexxi and Stix. In a sleepless night with a lot of booze and good music (March 11, 2012) I had the idea to create a fan page with the main information about the boys, their albums, their mission and the fact, that  Steel Panther fans should include the word “bitchin'” in their personal vocabulary as fast as possible. Meanwhile “Fanthers.com” (Steel Panther Fans) has grown into an international fan page and in November 2016, the band teamed up with me to launch the best Fanther club they’ve ever had ;-)

So: I wish all the fanthers out there a lot of fun on the fan club site and perhaps it will help the Steel Panther guys to acquire more Fanthers and to build an awesome community.

Carsten takes care of the technical issues…he had no choice ;-)


Steel Panther & Andrea – Wiesbaden 26.03.2015 – by On The List Presents…

 Steel Panther & Andrea – Wiesbaden 26.03.2015 – by On The List Presents…

Interview with the Black Velvet Magazine 2013 about Fanthers.com